Judith Armatta

Judith Armatta is a lawyer, journalist and human rights activist


           There are many far more serious topics to write about. Yet I can no longer hold off complaining about the modern age and technology. I have been placed here by mistake. I'm not sure where I belong, perhaps in another universe, but definitely not here. To begin with, my computer will not change the default print to Times New Roman from Calibri. Minor, I know, but I had to start somewhere.

           My latest travail began when I bought an adblocker, thinking to save myself time and angst. Of course, you can guess, it saved me neither. I was no able to download and install it on my laptop. I was continually directed to Google Chrome Apps, which is nothing but ADS for other applications, in which I have no interest whatsoever. I would block that if I could, but I was unable to download AdBlocker. So, I tried to cancel. I called the number provided and it directed me to a website. I went to the website which required my email and password. As far as I know, I do not have a password for this, so I dutifully requested an email that would allow me to change my password. After nearly a half hour it hadn't shown up. No, it was not in my spam folder. I spent more than an hour trying to download TotalAdBlocker, with more time trying to cancel it.

           Eventually, I successfully bought Total adblocker. I don't know how -- or why, any longer. But when I went to use it no ads were blocked. After a while I became suspicious. When I googled, I learned that Total adblocker only works on Chrome and some other browsers I've never heard of. I use Safari. I had no intention of changing browsers. That seemed like a pretty sneaky way to get customers. So I spent nearly another hour getting rid of it and getting an adblocker that works for Safari. It blocked ads alright. But it also narrowed my screen, making it impossible to read a map or view a photo. I had to enlarge the print, as well. It was irritating, but so were the ads.

           My troubles weren't over. When I tried to access my blog, only one blog came up and not the most recent. I couldn't add new ones or read others. This would not do. While I didn't know if the problem stemmed from my new adblocker app, it was the most recent addition. Google told me how to delete it, which I did. Now, I can access my blog -- and a zillion ads for a zillion products I have absolutely no interest in.

            I don't want to spend my life learning these things. I want to work on my memoir, go to the gym, take my piano lessons, have control over my photos, and have the energy to deal with week-long weather emergencies.

            For those who grew up in the computer age, solving these tech issues are likely no brainers. I grew up writing with a pencil and researching at the library, an ivy-covered building on my law school campus. Scotty? Where in the hell are you? I need to be beamed up.



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